In order to improve diagnosis level in difficult diseases of otorhinolaryngology head and neck,  introduce and promote the newest specialized medical technology, Zhujiang Hospital of Southern Medical University as meeting’s sponsor, Zhuhai People's Hospital as assistance. It invited Liang Yong and Li Xiangpin the directors of Southern hospital, Wen Weiping, Xu Geng, the directors of Zhongda University of Medical Sciences to make substantial academic lecture . concerning point of lecture is middle ear and intra ear surgery.

The annual meeting was combined by three meetings, provide 11 pieces of I and II credits respectively, participants were come from Guangshou, Zhonghsan and Zhuhai and other surrounding areas, personnel of municipal hospitals and county-level hospitals have participated, personnel appeared at the scene was over 200 people, the climate is brisk. Which is a successful scholarship exchange meeting.