GSI Audera System

• The unit is designed for the acquisition and presentation
   of Auditory Evoked Potentials (AEPs) ready for
   interpretation by a hearing health care professional. In
   particular the Auditory Steady State Response (ASSR),
   which is primarily a Middle Latency Response (MLR),
   can be acquired. Patient population : neonates,
   infants and adults
• Offer both ASSR and traditional AEP test as standards
• Offer OAE test optionally
• What is ASSR ?
   — ASSR are evoked by modulated tonal stimuli and4166am金沙
       provide frequency-specific measures of hearing
       sensitivity across a wide range of frequencies (250-8K Hz) 
  — ASSR assess hearing sensitivity in the range of mild to
       severe-profound hearing losses
  — ASSR are used to estimate a pure-tone audiogram.

VIVOSONIC Integrity System

• High-Definition ABR Without Sedation
• Flexible Options to Suit Your –Situational Needs
• Test Wirelessly, In Virtually Any Situation
• ECochG
• TEOAE-diagnostic & automated screening
• DPOAE – diagnostic & automated screening
• VivoLink – wireless Interface module