KAM Health Care Group

KAM Health Care Group ()
Kam (Jordan) Hearing Centre (http://www.kamhearing.com.hk)
KAM (Macau) Hearing and Speech Centre (http://www.phonak.com.mo)
KAM Hearing Technology (GuangZhou) Co.,Ltd (http://www.kamhearing.com)

Hearing aids

Phonak AG (http://www.phonak.com)
Sonic Innovations Inc (http://www.sonici.com)

Infant Hearing Screening

Centers for Disease Control and Prevention (CDC) (http://www.cdc.gov/ncbddd/ehdi/)
Marion Downs National Center for Infant Hearing (http://www.uch.edu/conditions/ear-nose-throat/hearing-loss/marion-downs-hearing-center.aspx)

Audiological Product

Grason-Stadler Inc. (GSI) (http://www.grason-stadler.com)
Frye Electronics (http://www.frye.com)
International Federation of Hard of Hearing People (http://www.ifhoh.org/)
Egger Otoplastik + Labortechnik GmbH (http://egger-labor.de)
Bellman & Symfon AB (http://www.bellman.se/web/)

Audiology Organizations or Assoications(Overseas)

American Academy of Audiology (http://www.audiology.org/)
The National Board for Certification in Hearing Instrument Sciences (http://www.hearingnbc.org/)
International Federation of Hard of Hearing People (http://www.ifhoh.org/)

Hearing Loss Information

Hearing Health HK (http://www.hearinghealth.com.hk/)
Audiology Awareness Campaign (http://www.audiologyawareness.com/)

HK Audiology Organizations or Associations

Hong Kong Occupational Safety & Health Association (http://www.oshc.org.hk)
Hospital Authority (http://www.ha.org.hk)
The Federation of Medical Societies of Hong Kong (http://www.fmshk.com.hk)
The Hong Kong Councilof Social Service (http://www.hkcss.org.hk)
The Hong Kong Society for the Aged (http://www.sage.org.hk)
University of Hong Kong (http://www.hku.hk/speech/)
Vocational Training Council (http://www.vtc.edu.hk)
Hong Kong Tourist Association (http://www.hkta.org)
The Hong Kong Association of the Deaf(http://www.hongkongdeaf.org.hk)
Education Department (http://www.edu.gov.hk)

HK Medica Group

iMed21.com (http://www.imed21.com)
Quality HealthCare Pro-Health Ltd. (http://www.qhms.com)
Health Basic (http://www.healthbasic.com)

Macau Web-link

Education And Youth Affairs Department ( http://www.dsej.gov.mo)

China Web-link

China Disabled Persons' Federation ( http://www.cdpf.org.cn)
China Rehabilitation Research Centre ( http://www.crrc.com.cn )
Guangzhou Disabled Persons' Federation ( http://www.gzdpf.gov.cn)
China Disabled Persons' Service Site ( http://www.2000888.com)